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  • Rhona Jamieson

Every Day's A School Day When Trying To Improve Sustainability

A picture of a man and a teenager looking at the camera
Wellworking Managing Director Luke Munro with Theo

It was a pleasure to welcome Theo to the Wellworking office in London for work experience this week as part of his school studies.

Theo is interested in sustainability so we got him to examine our practices at all our offices to offer some fresh insight on where we could look to make improvements.

Helping our community is a key part of our ethos and this week was a great opportunity to share some of our experience with the next generation.

We may even have been taught a few things ourselves! Did you know that some fonts such as Courier and Arial use less ink when printing? Just one small tip we learned from this digital native generation to help us save physical resources and be kinder to the planet.

Theo said, 'I’ve really enjoyed my work here at Wellworking for the past week, helping to drive sustainability forward and search for solutions to some of the biggest problems that businesses face, with regard to sustainable practice, such as water wastage and recycling.'

We know Theo has lots to take away but he has also left us with things to think about too. It proves that diversity in the workforce helps to power creative thoughts as each unique demographic and background leads to different ideas being brought to the table.

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