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  • Rhona Jamieson

Making Homeworking, Positive Working

For many, working from home used to be a rare occurrence caused by a snow day or car trouble. Your laptop would be propped up on a cushion on your knee while you sat on the bed, or perhaps it was in front of you on the coffee table. However, now that homeworking has become a full-time position for many people, what are the basics of a healthy and productive homeworking set-up?

In a recent webinar, Workplace Specialist Bertie Van Wyk from Herman Miller, set out some important aspects to pay attention to:

Your Posture

Slouching in a sofa or leaning over your computer are best avoided for long periods as this is when back and neck injuries can set in. A separate keyboard and mouse and a stack of books as a laptop stand can quickly improve the way you work.

Natural Light and Fresh Air

Try and work near a window and open it to let fresh air in as both of these are known to improve productivity and general wellbeing. If this is not possible, schedule in some time in your day where you go outside.

Keep Moving

Aim to change position regularly rather than sitting still for too long. In an office you would regularly get up to walk to your next meeting or speak to a colleague. Perhaps experiment with different workspaces in the home so you can spend some time standing.

Invest in the Right Furniture

It doesn’t look like working from home will be coming to an end for the foreseeable future and many of us may choose to work from home more, even if we don’t have to. Therefore, if you can, it makes sense to treat yourself to an appropriate chair as you will be spending a large part of your day sitting in it. Wellworking have a range of In Stock chairs ready for delivery.

Some will thrive working from home in a quiet, less stressful environment, but for others, finding that private space where they won’t be disturbed may be more difficult. Whatever your situation, incorporating at least some of the aspects above should make working from home a much more positive experience.

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