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  • Rhona Jamieson

National Fitness Day at Wellworking

Across the UK, stress levels are no doubt rising again as new Covid restrictions come in. The Wellworking team took time out of our day this morning to not only create a little bit of calm, but also to get involved in National Fitness Day.

Run by ukactive, the aim of the day is to get the nation moving and celebrate the fun side of fitness.

At Wellworking, we know the importance of keeping moving, even during the workday, so we joined with one of our partners Flokk for a Virtual Yoga class. Their Senior A&D Furniture Consultant, Lauren Thompson, is also a fully trained yoga teacher and agreed to show us some basic positions and moves.

Lots of people on a video call doing a yoga move

As most of the team are remote working, we logged in to the video call from kitchens, home offices and living rooms as we tried to look zen-like in our respective homes. We were also joined by some of Flokk’s UK-based team. It was a great opportunity to get together and share a bit of fun while all working from home and of course got us stretched out and relaxed for the day ahead.

If you want to get moving more and try something different, there are lots of events going on across the UK today and during the rest of the week. Go to to find an event near you and get involved. Many of the events this year are virtual ones held online so you don’t even have to leave your house to be active.

Activity is proven to not only improve your physical health but also reduce stress and help with your mental wellbeing. It makes this National Fitness Day even more relevant for a nation in the midst of a pandemic.

Building in movement to your day is also just one way to work well from home. If you need more tips then check out our video from Wellworking’s leading Workplace Ergonomics Consultant Lee Jones. We can also offer tailored advice through our Virtual Ergonomics Assessments if you need it.

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