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  • Rhona Jamieson

Product Focus - HAG Capisco

It may look a little unconventional but the HAG Capisco task chair is a popular choice for those seeking to upgrade their home working experience now that more people are remote working. The iconic shape and unusual design by Peter Opsvik allow the Capsico to fit in with the home environment while still providing an ergonomic advantage.

First launched in the 1980s by Norwegian seating manufacturer HAG, its innovative saddle seat was inspired by a horse rider’s active position while riding and allows those using it to easily change position. HAG’s philosophy, which carries through all their products, is that, “the human body is not made for sitting still, but for movement and variation and that the next sitting position is always the best”. The shape of the Capsico allows you to sit forwards, backwards or even sideways - whichever feels most comfortable.

Woman straddling a red chair backwards

The chair can vary between low and high working positions, with different gas-lift heights available to suit different working environments. The seat depth and the height of the backrest are also both adjustable allowing you to customise the chair for your body shape and preferred position. A range of fabrics are available and other customisations can be added including headrests and footrings. You can create your own with Wellworking here.

Extremely unique, the polarising design of the Capsico helps it to stand out from the crowd - so futuristic, it was featured in a Star Trek movie based in the 23rd century. If you are looking for an eye-catching but practical, ergonomic chair, then this could be worth looking into. It’s even popular with Wellworking cat, Doug.

A sophisticated black cat sitting on a chair with his paw in the air


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