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  • Rhona Jamieson

Product Focus - Vitra Rookie

When setting up a home office, as many of us have done over the last few months, a comfortable chair is high up on the shopping list. When all you have is a corner of the living room or bedroom though, the choice of chair becomes a little trickier if you want to complement the existing décor.

Five different office chairs lined up in a line against a white background

This is where Vitra’s Rookie chair comes in. It’s smaller and simpler than your average office chair but still packs a punch when it comes to comfort and adjustability. This coupled with its clean looks and calming palette of fabric and shell colours help it integrate into most domestic settings.

Designer Konstantin Grcic says, “Rookie is all about flexibility and change. Its design aesthetic symbolises that magic moment when something new is beginning, but everything is still up in the air. Equally suited as a single desk chair for students or in larger numbers across a wide range of corporate workplaces, Rookie is designed for environments that encourage the creation and exchange of ideas.”

Three different angles of a Rookie office chair

Like most task chairs, the seat and backrest heights are adjustable allowing you to adapt the chair and set it up comfortably. The backrest also flexes with pressure and the front of the seat is more supple than most to allow for movement while you are seated.

Wellworking have just introduced a stock version of this chair in Sierra Grey meaning it is available for delivery in 2-3 working days after ordering. A wider range of different fabrics and colour combinations are also available if you would like to ‘Create Your Own’ specification.

The Vitra Rookie is a lightweight, easy-to-use office chair for those short on space or looking for a more affordable option.

The Rookie office chair with red upholstery



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