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  • Rhona Jamieson

Promoting Wellbeing When You Design With Impact

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

A man working on a laptop at a large table with a window behind him

Now is the time for a once-in-a-generation chance to transform our workplaces as the way we work has changed.

After periods of working from home, many workers now want different aspects from their organisation’s workplace. Without changing that space, many staff may not be encouraged to return to the office.

Using research from Future Forum and by talking to clients, our partners MillerKnoll have designed a new way of thinking about the workplace, ‘Design With Impact’, which has three priorities that need to be incorporated.

You can see the overview in our previous article, but here we examine the first of these areas – wellbeing.

Wellbeing, at its simplest, is the positive state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. But how does that translate in a workplace? What aspects of an office impact someone’s wellbeing?

MillerKnoll believes there are some key areas that can be looked at to promote better wellbeing:

Holistic Ergonomics – making sure a workspace is comfortable, whether that’s physically, socially or cognitively.
Space Division and Materiality – minimising distractions and giving people their own space.
Choice in Settings – Allowing staff to select an area to work that suits the tasks they are carrying out.
Sustainability – Knowing that the products being used offer something back
Inclusivity – Creating inclusive spaces creates a sense of belonging

So how can that be mapped out in your office space in a practical way? These products help address some of the areas above:

By providing quality, ergonomic furniture and a choice of desking or more relaxed seating, staff can choose where they work depending on both their own preference and the type of work they need to carry out.

But it’s not all about making your staff feel good, they also need connection and that’s up next in our blog series.

Check out the next in the series to find out the importance of connection in the workplace.



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