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  • Rhona Jamieson

Removing the Strain of Working with a Mouse

The Mousetrapper Delta centrally positioned mouse pad.

It’s almost three years since the move to working from home was accelerated by the pandemic, and it is only now that the effects of this are becoming better understood.

Initially, many thought that once offices opened up again, people would return to how things were before, but many have chosen to stay at home, at least part of the time. The latest data from the Office for National Statistics suggests that in November 2022 around 38% of workers have been working from home at least once a week.

However, this has not been without its problems, as not all organisations are supporting their staff to work at home in the same way they would do when they are at the office. This has led to an increase in back and neck problems as we discussed in a previous blog post.

It is not just the back that is taking the strain. Our partner Mousetrapper has seen a rise in the number of people suffering from Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI).

Mousetrapper produces a range of ergonomic devices including centrally positioned mouse pads that help reduce injuries associated with desk work.

Close-up of the Mousetrapper Delta centrally positioned mouse pad

In Sweden, where the company is based, they have found that remote working since the start of the pandemic has contributed to a 20% rise in those experiencing mouse arm, described as hand, arm, shoulder or neck pain caused by working with computers.

They found that a staggering 62% of people that work in front of a computer for more than two hours a day have experienced some kind of pain or RSI because of it. And the reason – not enough attention is paid to the position we work in and the equipment we use.

It was back in 1994 that Mousetrapper designed their first ergonomic mouse, and they now have a range of centrally positioned mouse devices which help reduce the strain on the body while they are used. 

The latest model is the Delta with its soft, tactile rollerbar which moves easily in two dimensions making it much less taxing on the body and preventing the arm from overstretching which commonly happens with a traditional mouse. 

Mousetrapper say using a centred mouse provides a noticeable difference to users after just a few weeks.

And at Wellworking, it seems like plenty of our clients, both organisational and individual, agree. We are dealing with increasing numbers of orders from clients who recognise that desk work needs the right support, wherever it’s taking place.

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Mousetrapper Delta

Mousetrapper Delta

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