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  • Paul Simons

The Currency of Trust

Today we hit a milestone by achieving our 1500th review on Trustpilot, a service we find extremely useful to connect with our customers. We are incredibly grateful that so many people who have used our services are willing to take some time to give us feedback.

As a business that has a large customer-facing element, independent reviews are enormously important to us. They offer a genuine insight into how well we are meeting our customers’ expectations, and the targets we have set for ourselves.

The fact that our customers believe we are excelling on a daily basis is of course very rewarding for our whole team. We are thrilled that we have been consistently rated 5/5 and have been top of several Trustpilot categories in each of the last five years. However, just as important are the reviews that don’t quite hit the top mark, when customers feel they have been let down, or we didn’t quite deliver on our own high standards. This feedback allows us to learn and evolve. Without these less than perfect reviews it would be much more difficult for us to determine which areas we need to work on. We are still learning and improving as a business, and it is important for us to continue to do that.

"Quick, professional service, both at medium size office and the home office." Quote from recent Trustpilot review.

Just one of our recent reviews on Trustpilot

Now more than ever, while price and speed of delivery are still important, you can now add to that the client experience. Numerous online suppliers have reacted to increased sales during the COVID-19 crisis with a decreased customer experience. Treating customers as individuals and offering them a personalised service has always been one of Wellworking’s key drivers, and our reviews are testament to that.

The retail environment is changing. We all need to listen to what customers really want, what they appreciate, and keep adapting to meet their needs so they keep coming back and bringing others with them.

Trust is a hugely important currency, and one which cannot be ignored.

Paul Simons - Wellworking Online Director

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