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  • Lee Jones

The New ‘Screen-Working’

With many firms slowly seeing workers returning to the office, here at Wellworking we have been testing some of the new products designed to help staff feel safer at work.

In this post-COVID-19 landscape, there is a real need for fresh thinking on office design. BakkerElkhuizen’s Safety Screens are one solution to help employees feel shielded and assist in maintaining safe distancing. As Wellworking’s leading Workplace Ergonomics Consultant, I’ve been giving one a try.

It was easy to install on my desk in minutes with the included clamps and creates the feeling of a secure, almost ‘cosy’ space due to its soft PET felt construction. Coming back to the office after lockdown may be stressful for some workers who, like me, will have protection and safety at the forefront of their minds. The acrylic windows allow me to remain connected with my colleagues but unlike the fully transparent screens this one feels less hostile and not as clinical.

BakkerElkhuisen’s Safety Screens

While these screens are designed to be used in addition to social distancing, the fact the screen isn’t completely transparent does make you feel more sheltered and they are one way to help enforce the 2-metre separation between employees. As well as that, there is the bonus of great acoustics as the screen helps reduce noise therefore improving privacy further.

Importantly, they are also environmentally sound with the main panels made of 100% recycled material which in turn is fully recyclable itself. This soft, tactile material can still be cleaned easily with alcohol-based solutions.

While many aspects of office working will continue to be challenging for some months, there are now a vast array of products like this being designed to help staff ease back into some form of normality.

Lee Jones - Wellworking Workplace Ergonomics Consultant


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