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3 Days of Design Delight at Copenhagen

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Debs Good, Design Manager

Debs Good is the Design Manager at Wellworking and is responsible for helping our clients bring their ideas to life and specifying suitable furniture. Debs is an expert at producing detailed designs and 3D walkthroughs for projects so you can see what the finished space will look like.

Copenhagen buildings

Now in its tenth year, 3 Days of Design in Copenhagen is an opportunity for the many local furniture manufacturers there to showcase and celebrate great design.

It's an event I was sure would inspire me and introduce me to many exciting new products.

Wind turbines and Muuto showroom outdoor courtyard

As we flew into Copenhagen, the first thing I saw from the plane was an array of wind turbines which totally set the tone for the trip. One of the elements that really stood out on our few days here was the respect the Danish have for their environment.

The architecture really mirrors the way of life here, beautifully laid out courtyards hidden behind intricate facades. I loved Muuto’s outdoor space at their shop, a small space brought to life with colour and the playful addition of mirrors.

Fredericia showroom and talk

At a highly informative talk at Fredericia entitled “People & Planet, The Textile Issue” I learnt of an interesting fact that in the 30’s, Copenhagen exported all their “best” bricks (perfectly rectangular and free from imperfection) to other countries. This only adds more richness and beauty to their buildings which are perfectly imperfect.

A mix of coloured furniture from Copenhagen showrooms

It's time to change our perspective on how we perceive the colour and beauty of a product. Instead of just focusing on the colour of a product, we should also take into consideration how it's manufactured and the materials used to create it. Instead of having many chairs in the same colour, we should start appreciating the nuances of different shades within that colour family.

Using recyclable materials not only makes products ethical but also gives them a bespoke, one-off, handmade feel. A good example being the Bit StooI from Normann Copenhagen, made from small bits of 100% recycled household and industrial plastic.

Office furniture that is not just a desk and chair

Despite many of the suppliers we visited being traditional commercial furniture producers, it wasn’t just a show of desks and task chairs.

It was clear that the workplace has evolved and the crossover between home and office has grown. This is not only due to the effects of covid, but companies are recognising that an investment in their offices and the work environment has a positive effect on the happiness of staff and quality of work.

In recent years, many are aware that people may now work more flexibly. The days people are in the office are just as much about social connection as working so the environment must reflect this. Colour plays such a large role by increasing overall happiness and this was a major part of 3 Days of Design.

HAY Arch mirror and storage trolleys

My favourite new product at HAY was the Arch Mirror and Storage. I saw how the design with the scallops mirrored the architecture of the windows outside.

I'm excited to specify this product for a meeting room where it can create a perfect balance of contemporary and traditional aesthetics when paired with a veneer table.

Meeting Nani Marquina from Nanimarquina and their rugs

Our trip was also a great opportunity to connect with so many of our wonderful suppliers. To discuss current and future jobs, marvel at new product launches, and where possible, to meet the designers.

For example, it was great to meet Nani who is the daughter of founder Rafael Marquina of Nanimarquina, a family run business who are the benchmark for contemporary rugs and interior design. As a company they are hugely invested not only in the environment but giving back to the makers.

HAY drinks reception and shop

We also had the pleasure of attending HAY’s evening event in the Apollo Bar Courtyard and it was great to be in amongst a bubble of creativity and warmth from both the people and the atmosphere.

It gave us a great opportunity to reflect on our visit to the Hay House earlier in the day. Four floors of showroom space, offices and a retail shop that attracts worldwide visitors.

Hay shop and other Copenhagen showrooms

There was great hospitality shown to us throughout our trip and we are so grateful to have been welcomed so warmly to Copenhagen.

I have returned back to London re-fuelled and definitely inspired, excited to specify new products and create wonderful places to work.


By Debs Good, Design Manager at Wellworking


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