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Clerkenwell Design Week 2023 - A Riot of Colour

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

Johnson Rodgie

Johnson Rodgie is a Social Media & Digital Assistant at Wellworking. He's a painter and photographer away from the office and loves nothing better than being immersed in a creative environment.


A selection of images of Clerkenwell

It’s only been a couple of months since I first started working at Wellworking so being at Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) over the last few days was a new and exciting experience for me.

There was so much to take in with 160 showrooms taking part alongside specialist talks, unique installations and dozens of product launches.

Art installations in Clerkenwell

What immediately caught my attention was the conscious themes expressed through design and structure and the clever use of colours and materials. There were throwbacks to the 60’s, outside-indoor and classy-refinement or may I say boujee.

1960s throwback office furniture

When it came to colour, there was a great range of palettes across CDW. Many brands used muted and simple colours which suggested elegance and professional sophistication. Others used vibrant, eye-punching colour patterns to add a playful and comfortable feel.

Colourful displays in Clerkenwell showrooms

There was an ‘Allsorts’ bag of materials and fabrics used amongst the products on display ranging from felt, tiles, plastic and metals. These materials were visually heightened by colour.

Variety of different textures and materials used

Continuing on from Salone del Mobile in Milan, here in London, there was also a lot more of the outside-indoors theme with nature bringing its fresh air into the indoor workspace.

Plants and other greenery in the office environment

I was really attracted by the homage to the 60’s by USM where they showed just how timeless their products are.

USM Sixties style storage units and desk.

A few new products and inventive creations were on show that were intentionally designed to catch your eye. Dyson and NaughtOne were two that particularly stood out to me.

Dyson had its new headphones that interestingly include an air purifier. While NaughtOne revealed one of their new products, the Pippin chair, which was loosely inspired by Dr. Martens.

Dyson headphones and NaughtOne Pippin chair

I also really enjoyed the many interesting and insightful talks that were being hosted across the network of showrooms that really helped me dive deeper into the workplace design industry.

Muuto had a great discussion about neuroaesthetics and how our brains interact with a space.

Muuto showroom exterior and talk

Another great talk was at Orangebox where they focused on sustainability. At USM we were educated on what we can do to help with change in the working environment.

Panel discussions and talks around CDW

The three days that I spent immersed in this festival allowed me to meet many brands and designers who all welcomed me enthusiastically to this centre of design in the heart of London. It gave me a great insight into the furniture industry and the direction it’s currently heading. I couldn’t help but be inspired by all the creative people and fabulous products around me.

Roll on Clerkenwell Design Week 2024!


By Johnson Rodgie, Social Media & Digital Assistant at Wellworking

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