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  • Debs Good

Creating a Serene, Sustainable Workplace Where People Want to Work

Wellworking's Design Manager Debs Good

Wellworking's Design Manager, Debs Good, went to explore the Workplace Design Show this week. This is her take on the UK's leading workspace interiors exhibition and how she has already been using some of the principals on display at the show in the projects she's been working on.

This year's show was a refreshing change from previous years, with a more inspiring approach that steered away from repetitive products with minor differences.

There was a significant emphasis on prioritising the worker's needs and fostering a serene, sustainable work environment.

The strong focus on reusing and recycling aligns well with the values upheld at Wellworking, showcasing a shared commitment towards environmentally-friendly practices and creating innovative, purposeful workspace solutions.

The emphasis on acoustics, biophilia, and wellbeing at the show highlights a growing trend towards creating harmonious and health-conscious workspaces.

The Kabin stands out as a favourite new product, expertly designed to prioritise human comfort and welfare by offering a sanctuary for focused and calming experiences.

Its ability to provide a safe cocoon-like environment while maintaining a sense of presence is a testament to its thoughtful design.

The customisable elements of selecting sights and sounds further enhance the individual's ability to curate a uniquely personalised space, fostering a sense of ownership and well-being within the workspace.

A small one person enclosed working pod

The show reinforced my own thinking that as the construction industry focuses on headcount growth and shorter leases, considerations need to be made regarding functional spend on areas like meeting rooms to meet the needs of the talent.

Workplace flexibility is key, with decisions on furniture vs. joinery and fixed vs. demountable structures determining the adaptability and efficiency of workspaces.

It is essential to understand what the workforce values and requires to create environments that support productivity and employee satisfaction.

A curved white sofa and other pale furniture

At Wellworking, we understand the importance of revitalising existing office spaces by making strategic, impactful changes tailored to the specific needs and preferences of your team.

Our collaborative approach allows us to work closely with you in honing in on the unique requirements of your talent, ensuring that the refreshment process enhances productivity, wellbeing, and overall satisfaction within the workspace.

Through personalised solutions and attention to detail, we aim to create a harmonious and inspiring environment that aligns seamlessly with your organisation's goals and values.

I took a lot of inspiration from the show which I'm looking forward to using to develop this design process with our clients and create workplace environments where people want to work.

A large yellow and green rub with a partial zebra print hanging on a wall


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